Faux Flowers In Vases

Casey Stanton
16 min readJun 18, 2024


Looking for a vibrant and long-lasting addition to your home decor? Look no further than our roundup of the best faux flowers in vases! From delicate blooms to vibrant arrays, these artificial floral arrangements will bring a touch of nature to your space while requiring minimal maintenance.

The Top 12 Best Faux Flowers In Vases

  1. My Texas House White Hydrangea Faux Flowers Vase — Transform your home into a modern farmhouse paradise with the exquisite My Texas House White Faux Hydrangea Plant in Ceramic Vase — a timeless, high-quality, and attractive addition to any room.
  2. Maui Sunrise Faux Flower Centerpiece: Radiant Beauty In Vase — Bring a touch of tropical paradise home with the Maui Sunrise Faux Flower Centerpiece, featuring vibrant natural colors and a stunning free-spirited design in a tapered glass vase filled with clear acrylic water and river stones.
  3. Hydrangea Centerpiece: Creative Floral Display by Displays, Inc. — This elegant 19-inch Hydrangea Centerpiece offers a creative and allergy-friendly solution, featuring a stunning mix of white and blue flowers, while blending seamlessly into any décor with its realistic lifelike design.
  4. Faux Pink Lilac and Glass Vase Arrangement, 21"H — Bring a touch of elegance to your home with this stunning Faux Pink Lilac Arrangement in Glass Vase, measuring 21 inches, available exclusively at Pottery Barn.
  5. Elegant White Faux Rose Floral Arrangement in Ceramic Pot — Beautify your space with realism and elegance with the captivating Artificial Rose Floral Arrangement in Latitude Run’s white ceramic vase, featuring long-lasting faux flowers without the maintenance hassle.
  6. Isyende: Deluxe Faux Flowers and Vase Decor for Home or Office — Bring vibrancy to your indoor decor with this elegant faux flowers in vase set, featuring lifelike artificial roses and eucalyptus stems, perfect for various home settings and special occasions.
  7. Faux Hydrangea Silk Arrangement in Cream Ceramic Vase — Bring a touch of elegance to your home or office with the enchanting Enova Home Artificial Silk Hydrangea Fake Flowers Arrangement in White Ceramic Vase, combining vibrant colors, fluffy textures, and an authentic, lifelike appearance.
  8. Faux White Dahlia Arrangement: Elegant Vase Decor from Pottery Barn — The Faux White Dahlia Arrangement in Glass Vase from Pottery Barn adds a touch of elegance to any space, standing 14 inches high and featuring realistic acrylic flowers.
  9. Artificial Silk Hydrangea Flower arrangements in Cube Glass Vase — Transform your space with Enova’s Handcrafted Hydrangea Silk Flowers in a Cube Glass Vase — Realistic, Vibrant, and Everlasting Beauty for Every Event.
  10. Threshold Studio McGee Artificial Sweet Pea Arrangement — Enhance your home decor with this attractive sweet pea floral arrangement, featuring realistic faux flowers in a ceramic vase with artificial water, perfect for placing on your table.
  11. Leftover Faux Flowers: Stylish Centerpieces for Dining Rooms and Tables — Elevate your space with beautiful, low-maintenance faux flowers in a vibrant vase, adding color and life without the hassle of real flowers.
  12. Artificial Flower Arrangement with Pampas Grass in a Vase for Home Decor — Elevate your dining and living spaces with RyddeligHome’s 100pcs Artificial Flower Arrangements, featuring a stunning variety of faux flowers and a sleek vase perfect for any occasion.

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My Texas House White Hydrangea Faux Flowers Vase

Breathe life into your living space with the My Texas House White Faux Hydrangea Plant in Ceramic Vase. Standing tall at 16 inches, this elegant centerpiece features a stunning hydrangea bouquet that looks as real as the real thing. The ceramic vase, with its charming scallop edge, is a delightful accent that fits seamlessly into any room.

Crafted by Erin Vogelpohl, the designer behind the My Texas House line, this decor piece exudes the signature modern farmhouse and fresh country style. Mix and match it with other My Texas House artificial plants and decor accents for a beautifully harmonized look.

Despite its delicate appearance, the My Texas House plant is surprisingly resilient. Its high-quality construction ensures that it will withstand daily use and maintain its allure for a long time to come. The vase itself is sturdy and well-made, designed to last. The hydrangea arrangement, with its lifelike features, has the uncanny ability to turn heads and spark conversations.

However, one minor drawback is the potential for the top of the flower arrangement to appear slightly off. But this is a small price to pay for the overall quality and appearance of this beautiful piece. The neutral color palette makes it a versatile addition to any room, adding a touch of sophistication wherever it’s placed.

In conclusion, the My Texas House White Faux Hydrangea Plant in Ceramic Vase is a stunning addition to any home. Its lifelike features, coupled with its timeless charm, make it a favorite among those who appreciate the art of home decor. Whether placed on a mantel, a coffee table, or a windowsill, this centerpiece is sure to make a lasting impression.

Maui Sunrise Faux Flower Centerpiece: Radiant Beauty In Vase

The Maui Sunrise Faux Flower Centerpiece is a lively creation that adds a touch of paradise to any room. With its blend of faux calla lilies, dancing orchids, and vibrant birds of paradise, this impressive ensemble is displayed elegantly in an 8 square tapered glass vase of clear acrylic water and river stones. This 18-inch-high, 22-inch-wide masterpiece, known for its 4-inch height and 8-inch width by 8-inch length, exudes a free-spirited design that captivates the senses.

Its stunning natural colors, designed and assembled in the USA, make it an excellent choice, especially for those who appreciate the exclusive acrylic finish provided by Maui Sunrise. This tropical vision is ready to be displayed at your convenience.

Hydrangea Centerpiece: Creative Floral Display by Displays, Inc.

I recently got a chance to spruce up my living space with the Hydrangeas Floral Arrangement from Creative Displays, Inc. This artificial arrangement was the perfect addition to my coffee table, with its unique combination of white and blue hydrangea blossoms, thistle, allium flowers, and tea leaf greenery.

The vase itself adds a touch of elegance to the display, with its clear glass design and water-like acrylic base, which blends seamlessly into the overall look. Measuring in at 19" tall and 15" wide, it’s a delightful centerpiece for any occasion, whether it’s springtime, Easter, or Mother’s Day.

One thing to consider is that the arrangement might need some tweaking to make it look more balanced. However, overall, I am quite satisfied with the arrangement’s realistic appearance and the fact that it helps me keep seasonal allergies at bay.

Faux Pink Lilac and Glass Vase Arrangement, 21"H

Imagine walking into a room adorned with the delicate beauty of this Faux Pink Lilac Arrangement. I recently purchased one from Pottery Barn for my living room and it truly brightened up the space. The arrangement is a 21-inch-tall glass vase filled with vibrant faux lilacs, each carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with the rest. The vase itself is a stunning piece and adds a touch of elegance to the room.

One of my favorite features is how easy it is to maintain the vase. The faux water inside is made of acrylic and is a breeze to clean using a soft, dry cloth. This is a must-have for those who want to bring a bit of nature into their home without the hassle of constantly having to tend to real plants.

However, one downside of this product is its material composition. While I love the aesthetics of the flowers and the vase, it’s not as versatile as a real plant setup. Additionally, the price point may be too steep for some budget-conscious shoppers.

Overall, the Faux Pink Lilac Arrangement in Glass Vase from Pottery Barn is a stunning addition to any home. It not only adds a touch of elegance, but it’s also easy to maintain. While its price point and limited versatility may be a drawback for some, its beauty makes it a worthwhile investment.

Elegant White Faux Rose Floral Arrangement in Ceramic Pot

Adorn your home with the stunning elegance of Latitude Run’s artificial floral arrangement. This white ceramic planter pot houses a breathtaking arrangement of ivory and pale green roses, accompanied by lush greenery. The milky white ceramic vase adds an extra touch of sophistication to this already impressive bouquet.

These silk flowers make for a convenient and eye-catching decoration for various spaces, including the home, living room, dining room, kitchen, washroom, and special events. With their realistic appearance and low maintenance requirements, they’re perfect for those looking to add a touch of nature without the hassle.

However, one downside to consider is that the arrangement may not be as durable as real flowers and could potentially lose its shape over time. Furthermore, while the vase adds a refined touch, it might be tricky to clean in some areas. Regardless, overall, this artificial flower arrangement brings a touch of beauty and tranquility to any space.

Isyende: Deluxe Faux Flowers and Vase Decor for Home or Office

This charming faux flower arrangement is an elegant addition to any space. Featuring elegant white roses, lifelike eucalyptus stems, and a transparent glass vase, it’s the perfect choice for livening up any home or office. While it measures 11.8 inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter, be mindful that the stems contain wire that can be adjusted for your desired width.

With a range of applications from a chic living room centerpiece to a modern farmhouse dining table setting, this artificial plant arrangement is truly multifunctional. Pair it with an elegant silk bouquet for a thoughtful housewarming gift or celebrate that special occasion with these exquisite faux flowers.

Faux Hydrangea Silk Arrangement in Cream Ceramic Vase

Imagine adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your home office with this enchanting Enova Home Artificial Silk Hydrangea Fake Flowers Arrangement. Its creamy-white color and the realistic touch of the Hydrangea shrub bring a comforting sense of growth, prosperity, and heartfelt emotions to the room. Standing at a height of 12 inches and with a width and length of 8 inches each, this vibrant arrangement makes the perfect accent piece for your console table or coffee table.

Users have shared their satisfaction with the captivating realism and quality of this faux flower arrangement. The blue color adds a touch of brightness to the room while maintaining a sophisticated look. However, some customers have mentioned the blossom looking more artificial than expected, which may be a minor drawback for those seeking a more natural appearance. Nonetheless, with its attractive design and overall quality, this Enova Home Silk Hydrangea Fake Flowers Arrangement in White Ceramic Vase is truly worth considering for your home office decoration.

Faux White Dahlia Arrangement: Elegant Vase Decor from Pottery Barn

This elegant Faux White Dahlia Arrangement from Pottery Barn stands tall at 14 inches, adorned with handcrafted flowers made of cloth, plastic, glass, and wire. The stunning design features acrylic faux water, adding a touch of nature to your space. With a style reminiscent of faux-botanicals, this arrangement is the perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

It’s easily maintainable, just wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Artificial Silk Hydrangea Flower arrangements in Cube Glass Vase


The Enova Home Artificial Hydrangea Silk Flowers Arrangements in Cube Glass Vase is a stunning addition to any room in your home or office. Handcrafted with high-quality silk Hydrangea, this arrangement is a perfect accent for any decor. Each order is custom produced, ensuring that the flowers are as realistic as possible, and offer a visual appeal that is second to none. Designed specifically for indoor use, these vibrant flowers are water resistant, making them a practical option for any event.

These artificial mixed flower bushes are perfect for use at weddings, in restaurants, or as a centerpiece at home. The silk blossoms are incredibly soft to touch and the blooms give an everlasting refreshing look and feel to your floral arrangements. The realism of these flowers is astonishing, and the undying nature of the silk blossoms means they will always stay colorful and vibrant.

One of the main highlights of this product is the high-quality silk flowers that are used. These flowers have been carefully crafted to give an enchanting finishing look to the bouquet. Additionally, the soft stems are comfortable to hold, making this product a great choice for those who want a hassle-free arrangement that looks fresh all the time. The Cube Glass Vase that comes with the arrangement adds to the sophistication of the product, as it enhances the visual appeal of the flowers.

Overall, the Enova Home Artificial Hydrangea Silk Flowers Arrangements in Cube Glass Vase is a stunning product that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. While some users have reported issues with the size and plastic stems, the visual appeal and high-quality materials more than make up for these minor issues. If you’re looking for a practical yet beautiful floral arrangement that will last for years to come, this product is definitely worth considering.

Threshold Studio McGee Artificial Sweet Pea Arrangement


The Artificial Sweet Pea Floral Arrangement with its vibrant pink hue and natural green stems is a stunning addition to any space. Housed in a ceramic vase, it boasts an effortless charm that effortlessly brings the beauty of a spring garden into your home.

The faux floral arrangement comes with artificial water in the vase, enhancing its realism and making it a perfect companion for other real or fake flowers. Designed by Threshold in collaboration with Studio McGee, this exquisite piece adds a touch of elegance that makes every room feel like home. The 13-inch long pot, standing 6 inches tall, will be a beautiful addition to your tabletop, providing a delightful splash of color all year round.

Leftover Faux Flowers: Stylish Centerpieces for Dining Rooms and Tables


Incorporating faux flowers into my home decor has always been something I’ve enjoyed. These lifelike artificial flowers from Leftover are a fantastic addition to my collection, offering a sense of elegance and sophistication without the commitment of real flowers. The exquisitely crafted silk petals and flexible branches allow for easy customization to suit any aesthetic preference, while the durable, low-maintenance nature of the flowers means they’re just as at home in a busy office as they are in my living room.

The versatility of these decorations is truly inspiring, making them perfect for various settings and occasions, both festive and everyday. The size of the vase is convenient, and the modern design adds a touch of chic to any space. These faux flowers make for an excellent gift, bringing a touch of nature and beauty into the recipient’s home without the hassle of real flowers.

Overall, the Leftover Faux Flowers in Vase have become an indispensable piece of my home decor, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their living space with a touch of visual appeal.

Artificial Flower Arrangement with Pampas Grass in a Vase for Home Decor


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to mix up my living room decorations and bring in some elegant artificial flower arrangements to spice things up. I purchased this RyddeligHome 100pcs Artificial Flower Arrangements with Vase that included Pampas grass with a vase, perfect for use as a centerpiece for my coffee table.

I must say, it exceeded my expectations! The included vase and Pampas grass added both texture and natural beauty to my living room. It perfectly matched the boho aesthetic of my room without feeling overpowering. Plus, having a centerpiece really added that final touch of elegance to my setup, making it seem more polished.

One feature I particularly loved was the versatility of these artificial flower arrangements. I found myself using the vases and flowers for not just centerpieces, but also as decorations for my dining table during special occasions. As a result, these artificial flowers and vases found a permanent place in my home, proving their worth as indispensable additions to my decor.

However, there was one drawback. Upon first delivery, I was surprised at how the arrangement was compressed into a tiny plastic container, which meant the flowers and vase were a bit delicate initially. While the product didn’t affect the overall look and aesthetic of my living spaces, I could see how someone might perceive it as lacking in sturdiness.

Overall, I highly recommend these RyddeligHome Artificial Flower Arrangements with Vase for anyone looking to incorporate some elegant artificial flowers into their decor. Despite the initial fragility, the end results are well worth the effort.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on faux flowers in vases. Whether you’re a fresh enthusiast or an experienced gardener, this guide will help you understand the vital features of faux flowers in vases, how to consider them, and what expert advice to follow when making your purchase.


It’s crucial to know what materials are used to create faux flowers in vases. Some common ones include silicone, plastic, artificial silk, and synthetic wool. Silicone and plastic can be easily cleaned and resistant to mold. Artificial silk is delicate and requires gentle handling, while synthetic wool is durable and provides the feel of real petals.


If you’re in search of the most realistic faux flowers, consider those with authentic details, such as realistic petal textures, natural leaf shapes, and lifelike colors. Look for handcrafted pieces or those made of premium materials to achieve a convincing display that can rival real flowers. Also, note that the more realistic the flower, the higher the price tends to be.

Design Style and Vase Shape

The design style and vase shape of faux flowers in vases can impact their appearance. Traditional or Victorian styles often feature elegant, curved vases with an old-world charm, while modern designs may include more abstract shapes and bright colors. The choice of style and vase shape depends on your personal taste and the type of décor you have in mind.


Faux flowers in vases require minimal maintenance compared to their real counterparts. However, it’s still essential to handle them delicately and avoid damaging or discoloring. Regularly dust them off with a soft brush or feather duster and use a gentle cleaning solution if necessary. Certain faux flowers may be washable, while others should never be submerged in water.


What types of fabricated flora can be put in vases?

Fabricated flora comes in a tremendous assortment of designs and plant species, for example, roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils, and numerous others. Some common types of fabricated flora for vases include artificial silk flowers, resin flowers, and foam flowers. These materials are picked for their reasonable appearance, strength, and simplicity of arrangement.

Silk flowers are a well-known decision for their silk-like surface and characteristic look. They come in an assortment of shading choices and can be consolidated with genuine plant stems to make a more practical blossom cluster. Resin flowers, then again, are shaped from genuine plant materials and are intended to imitate the surface and subtleties of new blooms. Foam flowers are a more adaptable decision because of their lightweight nature, which allows them to float in water or without any difficulty adapt to various vase structures.

What are the advantages of utilizing fabricated blossoms in vases instead of genuine blossoms?

There are a few advantages to utilizing fabricated blossoms in a vase contrasted with genuine blossoms. To begin with, they are typically more economical and can be a more sustainable choice since they do not require water or daylight to stay new. This makes them a practical decision for both indoor and open air settings.

Secondly, fabricated blossoms are low-support and last significantly longer than genuine blossoms — frequently for years in the event that they’re appropriately cared for. They don’t wilt or fumble, making them an ideal decision for individuals with bustling timetables or those who simply incline toward a blossom bunch that keeps going more extended than a typical seven days. Additionally, utilized blossoms in a vase can keep up their structure and brilliant hues without fading or losing structure, adding consistent magnificence to any space.

How would I organize fabricated blossoms in a vase to make a convincing appearance?

To make an engaging arrangement, consider the accompanying tips for organizing fabricated blossoms in a vase. Begin by choosing a blend of various surfaces, sizes, and shadings to make the arrangement visually intriguing. Place the more extensive blossoms closer to the base of the vase and widen the smaller blossoms towards the top, making a cascading impact.

Add greenery, filling in openings and adding depth to the general structure. Utilize foliage, leaves, and other characteristic enhancements to fill in unfilled regions and make a more genuine, natural appearance. To further enhance the arrangement, consider adding floral sprays, ribbons, and different adornments to supplement the artificial flowers.

How would I clean and care for fabricated blossoms in a vase?

To keep your artificial blossoms in a vase in optimal condition, follow these cleaning and care tips. Most faux flowers can be effectively cleaned with a delicate brush or a feather duster to keep away from scratching the delicate materials. For more exhaustive cleaning, utilize a delicate fabric, delicate cleanser, and warm water; delicately wipe the blossoms dry to keep away from overabundance dampness.

It is essential to keep artificial flowers away from direct daylight, as this can cause discoloration or harm to the materials. Store the blossoms in a cool and dry place when not in use, guaranteeing they are properly ensured from dampness and extreme temperatures. Proper care and maintenance can help expand the lifespan of your artificial flowers and keep them looking splendid and rich for a long time.

Can I plant artificial blossoms in a plant pot or the garden?

Although it might be tempting, artificial flowers are not intended to be planted in soil or utilized in gardening tasks. These man-made materials are planned only for visual show and are not appropriate for development purposes. Endeavoring to plant artificial flowers could bring about harm to the materials and could possibly hurt the encompassing plants in a garden or planter container.

Rather than attempting to plant artificial flowers, consider utilizing genuine blossoms for your gardening tasks and enhancing your garden with potted plants or characteristic components. There are a great many alternatives accessible for both indoor and open air blossom plans, as well as alluring potted plants that can add life and excellence to your home or outside space.

Can I rearrange the artificial blossoms in a vase once the arrangement is set?

Yes, numerous synthetic blossoms are intended to be reorganized and restyled. In the event that you discover that the arrangement isn’t meeting your anticipations or essentially need to change the look of your artificial blossom group, it’s typically conceivable to make adjustments. To reshape the blossoms, essentially eliminate them from the stem and delicately clean away any surplus dust or residue.

When the blossoms are perfect and prepared, situate them in various arrangements or mix them with different components to make a new look. Attempt varying the height and position of the blossoms, as well as including additional foliage, sprays, and embellishments. Synthetic materials offer an impressive level of adaptability, making it simple for clients to make exceptional and visually engaging presentations within their vases.

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