Japandi Coffee Tables

Casey Stanton
13 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to the world of Japandi Coffee Tables! Japandi is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, and in this article, we’ll be rounding up some of the best Japandi Coffee Tables on the market. Whether you’re a fan of the sleek, minimalist style of Scandinavian design or the intricate, Zen-inspired aesthetics of Japanese design, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the perfect fusion of Japandi Coffee Tables for your home.

The Top 9 Best Japandi Coffee Tables

  1. Elegant Minimalist Japandi Coffee Table — Discover the ultimate blend of minimalism and luxury with the Orb Coffee Table, perfect for creating a serene and tranquil living space.
  2. Japandi Rectangle Live Edge Coffee Table — Experience the fusion of traditional Japanese design and natural beauty with our versatile coffeetables, available in various wood species and perfect for creating serene, tranquil living spaces.
  3. Japanese Modern Dining Table for Small Spaces — Experience the beauty of Japanese design with this versatile, multi-functional, solid wood coffee table, perfect for any living or dining space.
  4. GlimBiz Modern Japanese-Inspired Coffee Table — Introducing the GlimBiz Modern Low Irregular Round Coffee Table: a beautiful, cloud-shaped floor table featuring high-quality craftsmanship and stylish Japanese influence, bringing style and safety to your living space.
  5. West Elm Solstice Raffia Whitewash 50" Coffee Table — Elevate your living space with the Solstice 50" Raffia, Whitewash Coffee Table from West Elm, a beautifully crafted piece featuring FSC certified wood, fair trade production, and durability for both residential and commercial use.
  6. 43" Minimalist Solid Wood Japandi-Inspired Coffee Table — A sleek and sustainable Japandi coffee table, perfect for modern homes, features a minimalist design, solid English Oak materials, and a lightweight frame, showcasing visual appeal and scratch resistance.
  7. Japandi Gray Concrete Rectangle Coffee Table with Drawers — The Japandi Rectangle Concrete Gray Coffee Table offers a chic blend of form and function, with ample storage and an eye-catching design that adds a touch of industrial sophistication to any living space.
  8. Japanese Modern Solid Wood Coastal Living Asian Coffee Table — Transform your home into a serene and elegant sanctuary with our versatile Japanese floor table, which seamlessly functions as a coffee table, laptop desk, or floor-seating dining table while boasting a stunning minimalist design.
  9. Japandi Round Wood Coffee Table with Rattan Base — Elevate your living space with a fashionable and practical 2-tiered Japandi Coffee Table, showcasing a genuine wood top and rattan base, along with the benefit of handy storage and enduring durability for a wise investment that stands the test of time.

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Elegant Minimalist Japandi Coffee Table

Step into a world of modern luxury with the Orb Coffee Table from Circu. This Japandi inspired creation, with its minimalistic design, evokes a sense of tranquility through its sleek silhouette and understated elegance. For those seeking an understated yet striking coffee table, this piece is sure to impress.

The Orb Coffee Table’s organic minimalism allows it to blend effortlessly into any living space, while its sculptural form adds an element of intrigue to your decor. And for those who crave more versatility, there’s also a side table version available.

This Circu masterpiece is perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, creating a unique blend of cultural influence that’s both modern and timeless.

Japandi Rectangle Live Edge Coffee Table

Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and elegance with our Japandi Coffee Table. Crafted from solid camphor wood, this table showcases the beauty of natural wood while adding a touch of Zen elegance to your living space.

The table is kiln-dried and sanded using a wax oil or spray conversion varnish to protect the wood and enhance its color. The production process ensures that the product has a moisture content of 12% and a useful life of more than 100 years.

Crafted with clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics, the Japandi Coffee Table is both an eye-catching and durable addition to any living space. Its rectangular shape and live edge detail add a contemporary touch while still maintaining a strong connection to nature.

Perfect for both functional use and as a captivating focal point, the table’s striking length creates a sense of continuity and fluidity in your living space. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil addition to your Zen-inspired living area or a stylish centerpiece for your contemporary home, the Japandi Coffee Table won’t disappoint.

Japanese Modern Dining Table for Small Spaces


This exquisite Japanese coffee table is perfect for any space, offering both style and functionality. Made of solid wood, it boasts a minimalist design that complements various room styles.

Its multi-functional nature allows it to serve as a versatile floor work desk, breakfast table, or even a meditation altar. The sturdy construction ensures durability, making it an ideal long-term investment. Its large size and elegant appearance make it an excellent addition to a living room, dining room, or even an outdoor setting.

GlimBiz Modern Japanese-Inspired Coffee Table

I recently had the chance to try out the GlimBiz Modern Low Irregular Round Coffee Table, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my living room. The Japanese cloud-shaped floor table not only adds a playful touch to my decor but also ensures safety with its smooth, rounded edges. It’s perfect for families with kids!

But the real standout feature is the high-quality craftsmanship. The high-temperature baked paint tabletop provides a warm and full texture, and it’s also incredibly easy to clean. Made from eco-friendly materials, it’s a healthier and more odorless option for your living space.

I love that there are multiple options available in different colors and sizes, allowing me to truly personalize my living room. And with the coffee table’s rounded table corners and sleek lines, my living room now exudes elegance. Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to any living space that values both style and functionality.

West Elm Solstice Raffia Whitewash 50" Coffee Table


Introducing the stunning Solstice 50" Coffee Table, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any living space. The raffia overlay on the engineered wood provides a unique, textured look, while the water-based Whitewash finish adds a coastal charm.

With all the wood kiln-dried for added durability, this piece is built to withstand the test of time. The FSC certification ensures that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests, and it’s made in a Fair Trade certified factory, empowering the workers who crafted it. This contract-grade table is designed to handle both residential and commercial use, making it a versatile addition to any setting.

Made in Vietnam, this light wood coffee table is a must-have for those seeking a blend of style and sustainability.

43" Minimalist Solid Wood Japandi-Inspired Coffee Table


As a lover of sleek and minimalistic furniture, this 43'’ coffee table caught my eye immediately. Made with responsibly sourced solid wood and wood veneer, its tapered legs add a contemporary touch to the design. The coffee table blends seamlessly with modern homes and has a lightweight frame, making it a great fit for small spaces like apartments.

The most impressive thing about the table was its visual appeal. It made a stunning addition to my living room, with effortless elegance. The table is perfect for those who want to display their items with style, making it an excellent choice for hosting cocktails, books, or scented candles.

However, I noticed a disadvantage. The surface can be a bit prone to scratch marks, especially when dealing with little ones or pets around. Nevertheless, my experience with this coffee table was overwhelmingly positive, and I’m glad I invested in it.

Japandi Gray Concrete Rectangle Coffee Table with Drawers


In my daily life, I’ve come across the Japandi Coffee Table, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. The modern, industrial aesthetic of the concrete-coated tabletop adds a touch of chic sophistication to any living room. The surface, while resembling cement from afar, actually feels warm to the touch and has a stable paint process that avoids any durability issues.

The Japandi Coffee Table has not only style but also ample functionality. It’s equipped with two drawers and an open storage layer, offering plenty of room for storing blankets, snacks, or a remote, keeping your living space tidy and clutter-free. And the best part? It fits seamlessly into any room, without taking up too much space or compromising on style.

Japanese Modern Solid Wood Coastal Living Asian Coffee Table


I recently added a “Japanese coffee table” to my living room, and it has become the perfect touch of minimalist elegance. It has a unique natural wood grain with a classic minimalist style that seamlessly blends with my interior decor. The low-set table is perfect for small spaces, making it a flexible addition to any room.

One of the best features is the solid wood construction, which is sturdy and durable. The table’s thick legs provide stability, allowing it to hold up to 300 pounds without wobbling. The wide desktop is spacious enough to accommodate various items, while the smooth touch and rounded corners ensure a comfortable experience for everyone in the family, including children.

This versatile Japanese floor table doesn’t just serve as a coffee table — it also works as a laptop desk, floor-seating dining table, meditation altar, and more. It’s the perfect handmade piece to find your inner tranquility in a serene space. Overall, I highly recommend this unique and stylish coffee table for anyone looking to add a touch of minimalist sophistication to their living space.

Japandi Round Wood Coffee Table with Rattan Base


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this Japandi coffee table from Homary. It’s the perfect fusion of rustic charm and modern elegance, with a flat natural wood top and a rattan base that add a touch of whimsy. The two-tiered design provides ample room for storage, and it’s a great addition to my living space.

The first thing that caught my attention was the attractive packaging. It felt sturdy and took me no time to assemble it. The instructions were easy to follow, and I was able to put it together within 30 minutes. The wood of the table is also a great quality, and it has a natural feel that I love.

However, one thing I noticed was that the wood on the table’s top did have a few scratches, but considering its affordable price, it was easy to overlook. I’m not sure if it happened during the manufacturing process or during shipping, but overall, it’s not a deal-breaker.

The storage compartment is quite spacious and perfect for keeping books, magazines, and other small items. The rattan base also adds a unique touch to the design, making it a standout piece in my living room.

One thing to note is that the color of the table in the pictures is slightly different from the actual color. It has a yellowish tint that makes it look a bit different, but it still fits with my decor.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend this Japandi coffee table to anyone looking for a stylish yet functional piece of furniture. Its durability, scratch resistance, and ease of assembly make it a great choice for any home.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re in the market for a Japandi coffee table or just curious about these unique pieces, there are various factors to take into account to ensure you end up with the ideal addition to your home. From visually appealing design elements to the choice of materials and construction, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision on the Japandi coffee table that best suits your space.

Key Design Features to Consider

Japandi coffee tables often boast a harmonious fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Keep an eye out for these distinctive elements while shopping for your perfect table:

  1. Streamlined, minimalist lines;
  2. Eco-friendly bamboo or wood construction;
  3. Uncomplicated, geometric patterns; and 4. Sleek, low-profile designs. All of these features contribute to the exquisite appeal of a Japandi coffee table.

Sizing Matters

Selecting the correct size of a Japandi coffee table is of paramount importance. Begin by evaluating your living space and seating arrangements to determine the ideal length and width for the piece. Take precise measurements of the area where the table will be placed to guarantee a perfect fit. It is also crucial to ensure the table’s height is neither too tall nor too short for easy use and comfort.

Choosing the Right Materials and Construction

Japandi coffee tables are usually constructed from high-quality, sustainable materials such as bamboo, oak, teak, or walnut. Look for tables with robust construction and durability when making your purchase. Examine for any signs of weak joints, warping, or other structural issues before finalizing your decision to ensure the table’s longevity and a prominent spot in your home for years to come.

Practicality and Flexibility

A Japandi coffee table serves more than just an aesthetic function in your home. Opt for one with ample storage options, such as drawers or cabinets, to keep your living space organized and free from clutter. Additionally, consider tables with adjustable heights or detachable legs to make them versatile and ideal for various areas of your home. The beauty of a Japandi coffee table lies in its ability to be both stylish and practical.


What defines the essence of Japandi coffee tables?

Japandi represents the perfect blend of traditional Japanese and contemporary Scandinavian design elements, resulting in coffee tables that capture the best of both worlds. These tables exhibit minimalist aesthetics, natural materials, and well thought-out functionality that reflects the harmony of Japandi design. With their sleek profiles, clean lines, and the blend of simple shapes, Japandi coffee tables offer a polished and versatile appeal for modern living spaces.

The unique combination of Japandi design in coffee tables makes them a popular choice for those seeking an elegant and balanced look for their homes. The focus on high-quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship adds to their longevity and functionality. Japandi coffee tables stand as an essential focal point for any room and serve as a tasteful complement to any interior style.

What materials are frequently employed in Japandi coffee tables?

Japandi coffee tables showcase a mix of visually appealing and functional materials in their design. Wood, whether solid or veneered, is a popular choice due to its enduring appeal, warmth, and durability. Maple, walnut, teak, and oak are common wood species found in Japandi coffee tables. Depending on your taste, these woods can be left in their natural state or stained for a specific hue to match your home’s interior.

Japandi coffee tables also incorporate glass or metal components to create a modern yet lightweight look. These materials might be used for tables, legs, or structural elements, providing a stark contrast to the wooden counterparts. Some common materials for these tables include tempered glass, stainless steel, or brass.

How do I select the ideal Japandi coffee table for my home?

To ensure the Japandi coffee table you choose is perfect for your home, consider the following factors: the size of your living area and the space available for the table, the overall style and color palette of your room, and your preferred materials and craftsmanship. Measure the space where you plan to place the table to make sure it’s well-suited and leaves enough room for users to move around comfortably.

Next, consider the style and color of your existing decor. Japandi coffee tables usually stick to a neutral color scheme, but a variety of stains and finishes are available to fit any aesthetic. Additionally, think about the materials and craftsmanship that matter most to you. For instance, some Jespandi coffee tables might have solid wood legs or a glass top, while others might feature a combination of materials such as wooden bases with metal legs. By weighing these factors, you ensure you find the perfect Japandi coffee table that enhances your living space.

Are Japandi coffee tables durable and long-lasting?

Yes, Japandi coffee tables are designed to be both durable and long-lasting. The materials used — solid wood, glass, or metal — offer strength and endurance to these coffee tables. Attention to construction and craftsmanship ensures these tables can withstand years of use and maintain their stylish appeal. Proper maintenance and protection from extreme weather conditions are crucial to the longevity of any furniture item, and Japandi coffee tables are no exception.

To preserve the durability and enhance the value of your Japandi coffee table, it’s recommended to use coasters or mats to prevent scratches or damage to the surface. Cleaning the table top with a mild cleaner can help maintain its shine. It is also essential to provide the table with regular care to extend its lifespan.

Can Japandi coffee tables be customized?

Not all Japandi coffee tables are cookie-cutter replicas. While most are pre-made to cater to various tastes, some can be customized to meet specific preferences. Finding a Japandi coffee table manufacturer or artisan specializing in custom work is key. Customized tables can vary in size, materials, and design details to better match your vision for your living space.

If you’re looking for a custom Japandi coffee table, ensure you communicate your design preferences and requirements to the artisan. Details like the choice of wood, stains, metal accents, or glass tops can all be tailored to suit your tastes and budget. By working closely with an experienced furniture artisan, you can create a one-of-a-kind Japandi coffee table that reflects your personal style and enhances your home’s ambiance.

Are Japandi coffee tables more expensive than other coffee tables?

The cost of a Japandi coffee table can vary widely depending on factors like size, design, and customization options. While some Japandi coffee tables may be on the pricier side due to the high-quality materials and specialized craftsmanship, others can fall within a more affordable price range.

Finding a Japandi coffee table that fits within your budget might require some research and comparison shopping. Explore different furniture manufacturers, online stores, or local artisan studios to find the perfect piece without breaking the bank. It’s also beneficial to take advantage of special promotions or negotiate a custom order to potentially receive a discount on a Japandi coffee table you love.

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